Guest Member Registration



Existing members with a BKA membership number do not use this form, regisiter here instead.

UK nationals & residents must be members of the BKA and cannot book through here.  Join here

If you have any problems registering please contact the Membership Secretary

BKA on line Registration

Welcome to the BKA.  From here you can register  to enable you to be able to book BKA events on-line.  There are 3 stages to this.

1 Register Complete the form on this page and register to use the on-line  system. You will be sent an e-mail with a link to follow which will complete the registration.

2 Enter Your Details: Once registered you will need to log in and enter your contact details and details of your National Membership.  BKA events are open to practicing members from all EKF/FIK affiliated organisations. 

We request details of your current grades for information only.  These are not validated and, if applying for a grading, you will need to send both a copy of your most recent menjo and a letter of authority from your National Organisation to support your application.  These  should be sent to the BKA Kendo / Iaido  / Jodo grading officer.

3 Payment Upon completion of the details you will be directed to the booking page and secure payment pages where you can pay for event bookings using credit & debit cards.   If you do not complete the transaction, your details will be kept on record for 14 days and then deleted.