New Member Registration



Existing members with a BKA membership number do not use this form, register here instead.

If you have any problems registering please contact the Membership Secretary


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Joining the BKA on line

Welcome to the BKA.  From here you can register and join.  There are 3 stages to this.  A description of membership types and fee structure can be found here

1 Register Complete the form on this page and register to use the on-line membership system. You will be sent an e-mail with a link to follow which will complete the registration.

2 Enter Your Details: Once registered you will need to log in and enter your contact details and the type of membership you require.  The BKA requires all members to be practicing members at BKA affiliated dojos.  You will need to fill out the details of the dojo you are joining.  The dojo is required to confirm your membership.  There are 2 ways this can happen. 

  • You can join as a temporary member and an email is sent to the dojo to confirm membership.  When the dojo confirms membership you can upgrade your membership to full membership.
  • Your dojo can give you a preset password which you enter.  Only if this password is entered can you select a membership type other than temporary.

3 Payment Upon completion of the details you will be directed to the secure payment pages where you can pay for your membership using credit & debit cards.   If you do not complete the transaction, your details will be kept on record for 14 days and then deleted.

You will be sent confirmation of your membership by mail.